Saturday, April 11, 2009

Update to Anthology

Hello Ladies,

I want to first thank all of you who have graciously shared your stories with me for this anthology. After my first round of reading, I have chosen a diverse group stories as finalists. I have had several inquiries as to the status, so I thought I would post where I am at in the process.

Two rules here. Not all of the following stories will be chosen and just because your story is not listed here, does not mean that I might not need to go back and reconsider my choices.
Also, I did receive a large number of "first horse" type submissions, so that particular theme became competitive. I can only choose a few, otherwise the anthology would get rather boring with so many similar stories.
I may be contacting the following authors for possible revisions to resubmit for further consideration.

We are still struggling with a name for the book, back and forth with the editor, and neither of us are jumping up and down with the options. If you want to offer a suggestion, please feel free to email me, and if your title is chosen I will send you an additional copy of the book.

Thanks again,

First Round of Finalists (not a promise of publication):

A Horse of a Different Color
A Man Like My Horse
And Then, I Was Not Afraid
Best Friends
Christmas Paint
Dancing With Gypsy
For the Love of a Horse
Getting Back on the Horse
Great Grand-Mare
Healing on Four Legs
Horse Crazy
Irish Mist
It Always Happens One Summer
Journey of a Champion
Kiss and Tell
On So Proud a Back
Outsiders in a Navajo Land
Owning Clydes
Rearranging the Furniture
Riding Lessons
Sister Woman
Snow Angels
Stop and Eat the Flowers
The Pros and Cons of Bombproofing