Friday, December 3, 2010

Sacramento Book Review

Sacramento Book Review gives Why We Ride a great review:

Like many girls, I fell in love with horses at an early age. I’ve owned several and currently care for two. My fascination has never faded. Even now, my breath will catch as I watch my mare fly across a field at full gallop. Therefore, I was very interested to read Why We Ride and I was not disappointed. Verna Dreisbach, the editor of this book, did an excellent job of selecting the essays that comprise it. No two stories are the similar. Each writer in this book faces a different situation. One woman takes years to see her father in a new light. Another watches underserved children bond with the horses they ride in an equine program. One woman faces deepening anxiety issues, while another watches her son growing into a responsible young man. Another helps her 92-year-old grandmother ride once more. In each of these situations and the others in the book, horses enrich these women’s lives in different and surprising ways. This book will make a great read for every woman who has dreamed of riding, has owned a horse, or is awestruck watching a horse run free.

Reviewed by Annie Peters

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